Top Ways To Increase Your PMP Exam Score & Pass In 2019

Needless to say that the PMP exam is a tough nut to crack. A simple reason is that it is meant for professionals who have at least 5 years of experience in handling projects and managing client/ team, so it demands a certain level of expertise and knowledge. Besides, a proper strategy of study and resource usage is pertinent to pass the exam. 

The PMP exam consists of 120 questions to test your knowledge and understanding, besides the memory of the domains and other related topics in the PMBOK guide.

The PMP Certification Exam questions and simulators are tricky and they force you to think through the topics and scenarios present in the exam outline and PMBOK and motivate you to reach the correct solution.

This PMP Certification Exam is of 4 hours and is quite demanding. There is no official passing score published by the PMI authorities. However, there is an estimate that the score of correctly answered questions needs to be at least 61% minimum threshold in order to pass the exam. 

Let’s look at a few of the ways in which you can prepare for this exam, increase your PMP exam score and pass the Project Management Professional Exam on your first attempt. 

Top tips on how to pass the PMP Exam:

Get Intensive PMP Training

Before you get into any type of PMP study tips or test-taking strategies, it is always pertinent to make sure that you have the right study materials. In order to properly and strategically prepare for the PMP exam, pursuing an intensive program is always beneficial. There is a plethora of reference material and study material over the internet for all learners. However, we need to understand how good we are understanding in a certain form and allow ourselves to follow that strategy. There are certain training courses that are intensive and short-termed and good for practice as well. 

When you put in efforts into practicing and passing the exam in the first attempt, becoming a project manager after your first attempt and not having to waste time studying in the process of retaking becomes almost sure.

Practice with Mock Tests & Exam Simulators

The best method to practice and increase the chance to pass the PMP exam score is to work the simulated practice exam and your study guide over and over again. This is going to help you in a number of different ways and you will become equipped with various skills and conceptual knowledge on various areas of the exam itself. About half of the problem area in this test is simply understanding the questions and correct comprehension. So, now if you consider yourself really good at answering MCQs, it is simple for you. 

Practice for Consistency

It is recommended to practice on actual exam simulator until you are scoring 75-80% on the Live exam simulator consistently for 4-5 consecutive times. Once you know that it’s your average score, you can go for the exam. This is one of the finest recommendations that most of the veterans often advice. 

Besides the mentioned primary tips, there are additional tips that can come handy. 

Study tips to improve PMP Score and passing the exam at the first attempt:

Study Tip #1

Enroll for 35 hours course. You can choose from traditional to an online class or similar, attend podcasts and workshop or webinars. It is always advisable to pursue a course which is interactive and you can ask questions to the instructor, you get study material, practice questions to attempt and simulators. Also, make sure that they follow the 6th edition of the PMBOK [latest edition of the curriculum]. 

Study Tip #2

Research for all the FAQs on the website which is related to the exam, the PMP handbook and PMP Training Exam Content Outline which demonstrates all the details about the exam and other important info. That you may require later. 

Study Tip #3 

It is recommended to seek intensive training program from a recognized training provider.

Study Tip #4

It is also lucrative to memorize PMBOK’s table with an overall view of the process, review the same often and refer to it. 

Study Tip #5 

Keep in mind the structure of PMI’s and try to attempt the simulated exams and reach a constant score of 75-80% in every domain. 

Study Tip #6

Try Sample questions as much as possible and simulated exams and reach a constant score of 80% in each domain. 

Study Tip #7

Go through the solutions that are provided and write the lessons that you have learned. 

Study Tip #8

Create a help sheet with formulas and information that you are afraid of forgetting and try to refer to it only. Remember you will not be allowed to take anything along on the day of the exam.

Study Tip #9

Use the blank sheet that is provided to you to note down formulas before beginning as you may not be able to recall it later due to fatigue. 

Always remember that PMP scoring needs focus and concentration. You need to isolate yourself from the rest of distractions such as chatting on the messenger, web browsing, social media, especially while studying. 

The best way to prepare is to go for more and more practice tests and exam simulators and get your average score high. Getting trained from certified instructors is the best go ahead approach.

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